Chapter 6

The team opened their eyes from that familiar dreamy state to discover they were in a dark sewer. Rotten and unpleasant smell struck them from every direction. Rats were running outside their perimeter. Lan screamed at once but quickly covered her mouth.

“It’s fine. The plot hasn’t started yet. We are safe.” Zheng chuckled. He knocked on the invisible wall and they were indeed isolated from the world.

Zheng turned around and looked to Xuan. “You awake? What were you doing in these ten days that you only came out at the last two minutes?”

Xuan frowned. He observed around. “Making something.”

“Making something? What thing?” Zheng was curious. He looked over Xuan from top to bottom. “Where is it? Why don’t I see you carry anything? And did you craft any mithril rings? Don’t waste the chance since we have so much mithril.”

Xuan nodded. “To make a pair of glasses that stores Qi, converts Qi to electricity, converts electricity to psyche force, and contains a hypnotizing function. The result looks good. Help me store some Qi in it.” He took off his glasses and threw them over to Zheng.

Zheng felt a noticeable weight from the glasses. He channeled Qi into them and asked. “Why didn’t you bring it to me a few days ago? We are starting our battle today. We shouldn’t spend Qi so easily…” He suddenly heard HongLu spoke.

HongLu also observed around like Xuan did. “Xuan, don’t you feel strange? If we are in the sewer, I think there’s only one likely scenario.”

The rest of the team looked at him in confusion. Xuan gave him a deep look before speaking. “Yes. If we are in the sewer, a certain scenario is very likely.”

Zheng immediately clapped his hands. “Hey! Don’t the two of you speak in riddles. We have two strategist in the team not to let you act profound. You have to tell the team the truth. Hurry, what’s the case right now?”

HongLu twirled his hair. “Uh. It’s in regard to the time of this world we entered on. The Transformers world depicted the story of the Cybertronian race comes to Earth in search of their most important source of energy and the battle between Autobots and Decepticons. There aren’t many big battles in the first half of the movie. Aside from the Decepticons’s attack on the military base in the beginning, the world is pretty safe. Judging by the dirty condition of the sewer and it’s complexity, we are probably not in the military base. Which means we are not in the beginning of the movie.”

Zheng continued asking, still confused. “And? Just because of where we entered?”

HongLu shook his head. He pulled a strand of hair and played with it. “The key isn’t about our location but the protection God gives us. Have you noticed that God nearly always start us in a safe location in addition to the invisible wall. The one or two times God altered difficulties are the exception where we were in danger in the beginning. So I think we are in danger. Therefore, God put us in the sewer instead of anywhere inside the city.”

The rest of the team looked to each other. Gando said. “Then do you mean we entered near the end of the movie? A battle is coming up soon and we will return after fighting the robots?”

“I am afraid not…” HongLu frowned. “It’s perhaps worse.”

Zheng quickly looked at his watch. It displayed: Obtain and hold AllSpark for one hour or destroy AllSpark. Then return to God’s Dimension. So the mission for this world revolved around AllSpark.

“There doesn’t seem to be any problem as long as we follow along the plot. The Autobots aren’t as strong as the Decepticons but they can hold for a while. We will just seize AllSpark while they hold.” Zheng said as he looked at the watch.

Xuan suddenly said. “No new members in this movie. The mission difficulty is at twelve people or lower. This corresponds to one of the possible difficulties I anticipated. Transformers might not be so simple.”

The team looked confused. Xuan and HongLu seemed to be the only ones understanding the situation. HongLu said. “I speculate we are not in the timeline of the plot.”

“Not in the timeline of the plot? Then where?”

“After the end. Furthermore, it’s not the end of the original plot. This is a plot where the Decepticons obtained AllSpark.” HongLu breathed out.

A silence fell upon the team. Everyone carefully studied the movie before they entered the world. Two things painted the deepest impressions in the movie, the power of the Transformer race and the unique function of the AllSpark, which could create Transformers from any mechanical object. Even a radio would become a Transformer upon contact with AllSpark’s power.

In the movie, the two factions of Transformers came to Earth in search of AllSpark that fell into the planet. The Autobots desired peace with humans while the Decepticons wanted to create Transformers in order to annihilate humans. If the ending of the movie was altered and the Decepticons obtained AllSpark… the human race would be in dire danger.

The ground trembled. Zheng reached for the side after the trembling stopped. “The plot has begun. Let’s leave the sewer first. We have to climb up and see no matter what timeline we are in. This smell is unpleasant.”

Lan frowned and said. “There’s a gathering area for waste water over that way… Hurry, there are a lot of…” She started running before she finished talking.

The team was confused but everyone followed after her. HongLu summoned a hound with a level one magic. He mounted on the hound and ran along with the team. As they made a turn, they saw a tunnel for waste water filled with corpses. The dead bodies piled up one on top of another and floated in the water. There were over a hundred dead bodies just in this one tunnel. None of these bodies looked intact. It was as though they were blasted from explosions.

Everyone’s expressions turned tense as they watched and Lan even threw up. No one had any word in response. The scene screamed a slaughter of humans. Transformers took place in the twenty first century and in the U.S. If there were mass slaughter of humans in this country, then either World War 3 had started… or the Transformers were killing humans.

Zheng’s face looked pale. “Let’s go up first no matter what the situation is. Get your weapons ready. WangXia and Kampa offer heavy fire support. Zero snipe the Transformers in the air. Xuan, you haven’t fully grasped the Lambda Driver yet, so don’t use your power for now. Heng offer ranged fire support. YinKong and ChengXiao protect everyone. And Gando. You have the most combat strength and flexibility in this movie. It might be dangerous since your robot is a large target but I hope you can fight with all your have, whether it is covering for us or offensively… Make use of your Valkyrie!”

Gando nodded, although he still seemed a little hesitant. The Transformers in the movie weren’t weak. They were much more powerful than helicopters, tanks, and other human weapons. He only nodded but didn’t say anything in reply.

Zheng naturally felt Gando’s attitude. He couldn’t bother saying anything more. He took the lead and headed toward a passageway. Zheng was usually nice but this was a movie world they were in. Everyone could die the next second… As the leader of team China, he had to be responsible for the survival of the team!

They made several turns and finally found a ladder leading up. Zheng touched the Dragonshard necklace on his chest and said. “Don’t panic if you get attacked. This is a sci-fi world and we have the Dragonshard necklace, which means we begin off with an upper hand. Just don’t lose your cool. The Dragonshard can block off quite a few attacks from sci-fi weapons… Then, let’s go up! And see the time we are at!”

Zheng climbed up the ladder after he finished talking. The further he climbed, the further away he was from the rotten smell. In contrast, the smell of gunpowder flowed down from above.

Zheng carefully lifted the manhole cover then jumped up at once. Tiger’s Soul came out from the Na Ring. A white mist spread from the sword forming a seemingly tiger shape. The mist contracted and expanded at a frequency. Zheng confirmed the area was safe then put his sword back into the ring.

“Everyone come up. Doesn’t look like there are any enemies here. It’s just that…” Zheng stood on shattered concrete as he looked around.

This place was the aftermath of a battle. Houses were blasted from missiles. A pungent gun power smell floated in the air. Some of the houses were still smoking. The concrete ground was shattered.

Once the team climbed out of the sewer, Lan said hurriedly. “Zheng, there’s a fight going on over that way. Tens of robots are attacking a group of tanks. The tanks seem to be covering retreat for civilians. They are heading to the mountains outside the city. However, the robots’ firepower is too strong and there are only twenty tanks left.”

Zheng opened his mouth as though he was about to speak. Yet, he halted himself and turned to Xuan and HongLu. “Should I assist the human army? I don’t know if you have any plans in mind. I am going to save them. Stop me right now if you want to!”

Xuan shook his head. “I won’t stop you. The situation confirms the Decepticons have obtained AllSpark and the plot altered. However, it looks like they haven’t had AllSpark for long. Otherwise, humans wouldn’t be just retreating now… You will make the decision. You are the leader.”

Zheng then turned to HongLu. The little boy also nodded.

Zheng said. “Xuan, take the other Sky Stick. Bring Lan, HongLu, TengYi, YingKong, and ChengXiao. I will bring Kampa, WangXia, Zero, Gando, and Heng. You guys fly toward the direction of the retreat. Lan keep us connected. Remember not to attack the robots. Your powers aren’t effective at fighting them. Leave the robots to us!” He opened the storage bag and took out the Sky Sticks.

The Sky Sticks took off toward the battling area once everyone boarded the baskets. Lan spread out her psyche scan. Over a hundred robots occupied the city. The biggest ones were eighteen meters tall. Their huge bodies were striking. The smaller ones were six meters, still bigger than the Valkyrie. Agility and firepower were yet to be determined.

The number of tanks were decreasing as time passed. The tank cannons could not hit these agile robots while the missiles from the robots blasted the tanks apart. Only seven tanks remained, struggling to stay whole. A thousand troops were unloading their bullets without any pause. Yet, it was obvious that only anti tank missiles were powerful enough to damage the robots. Other guns did not leave more than a scratch on them. The fate of the troops were determined once all the tanks were gone.

Zheng shouted through Soul Link as he saw the situation becoming dire by the minute. “Gando! What are you waiting for!? Your robot is equipped with a Dragonshard. Sci-fi weapons can’t hurt you. And your Dragonshard is powered by the energy storage of the robot. It has much more energy than everyone else’s Dragonshard! Hurry over and test the power of those robots!”

Gando had started up his Valkyrie. Even the smallest of the Transformers was bigger than the Valkyrie. He knew Zheng was right. Staying behind and deferring was not a good option. If the humans died, he would get into trouble with Zheng and the others, especially Xuan… Gando gave a shout. A stream of electricity burst out from the robot and it sped ahead.

The tanks had nearly been wiped, only three was remaining but their efforts to survive were futile. The robots prepared themselves for another round of fire when one of them in the back was blasted. The explosion blasted it into a collapsed building nearly a hundred meters away and left a hole that covered its back.

Both humans and robots looked behind to see a jet flying over in lightning speed. The sight halted any cheers from the troops. Any robot that could transform into jets or tanks was a member of the Decepticon. The Autobots would take the form of cars. This newly arriving jet could likely be another addition to the Decepticons. Another robot would not make the situation much worse but despair had fallen on the troops.

Gando had entered the unlocked mode. He managed to have the reaction to fire a missile under than lightning speed. The process took less than a second from aiming to firing and the missile actually hit the target. The Valkyrie began to transform while still in the air. It entered Battroid mode and smashed toward a black robot with the inertia.

The black robot was quick in reaction. It raised its arms to defend before the Valkyrie approached. However, that was its limit. The Valkyrie wielded a progressive blade the moment it finished transformation. This was a weapon Gando exchanged after the Lord of the Rings.

The four meter blade pierced into the black robot’s chest. The Valkyrie then dragged it backward. The vibration shattered a hole in the robot’s chest, the weak spot of the Transformers depicted in the movie.

The rest of the robots were shocked at the scene. The Valkyrie flipped backward as the black robot exploded. Gando yelled. “This Valkyrie is created with Extra-Over Technology. It won’t have any problem flying out to space, not to mention your attacks! Come and die!”

Gando was still in the unlocked mode. The Valkyrie transformed to GERWALK mode when the black robot exploded, which allowed gliding over the ground. This provided faster movement speed than running or jumping. Blue lightning burst out from the robot’s back bringing its speed beyond what the bare eyes could capture. The progressive blade sliced through the legs of multiple robots. These robots collapsed at once.

Still, these robots weren’t powerless beings. Dozens of missiles flew at the Valkyrie as soon as it stopped. Gando immediately jumped and transformed into Fighter mode then flew off. A series of explosions occurred behind him. The shockwaves were so intense they trembled his flight.

“Ah! An Autobot! He’s our aid. God! The Autobots haven’t been wiped. We still have hope!” A troop stood out and cried in excitement.

The rest of the troops also cheered. Many fired their anti tank missiles at the robots closing on the Valkyrie, although these missiles weren’t effective.

Gando was becoming irritated from being chased by the robots. He attempted to enter melee range in Battroid mode but the bullets and missiles deflected him. The robots also had a particle bullet that could shake the Dragonshard barrier. It felt as though it would rip the barrier apart. The stored Qi in the Valkyrie was dropping extremely fast.

That was not to say the Valkyrie was weak in a ranged battle. Its missiles struck over a dozen robots in the chest and turned them into junk. Though the remaining twenty robots learned to dodge as soon as he fired any missiles.

“Gando! We are here!” A Sky Stick approached and with it came Zheng and the rest of the party. Their speed was slower than the Valkyrie. Pah! Following the cry, a force pierced through a robot and brought it back tens of meters before it exploded. This was the power of the Gauss sniper rifle.

Chapter 5

A fact was team China had become very strong but there was still a gap between them and the peaks of the realm, team Devil and team Celestial. The strengths of the members were far from those at the top. In the Lord of the Rings, 70% of the credit belonged to Xuan. There was a rather high chance of being wiped if it weren’t for Xuan’s scheme.

“Therefore… we have to get even stronger. Like you, Heng. You wish to protect your girl. You wish to never run again. Never be a coward again. So you must become strong. And YinKong, you wish to seek the footsteps of that man and kill him. So you also must become strong. Xuan wants to find his feelings. Everyone wants to live. You all must become strong. And so do I. I have to become strong to face team Devil again. Keep growing until we do not fear any foes!”

These were words Zheng said before he entered the Lord of the Rings. Many things had not been concluded in the previous battle so this trip was necessary. Zheng also saved a lot of points and rewards from exchanges. He only discussed it with HongLu and didn’t tell Xuan. Then he exchanged a large quantity of medicines and some fancy ornaments. The ornaments were considered luxury items so they were inexpensive. He also exchanged a new spatial storage bag which stuffed his medicines and ornaments then he entered the Lord of the Rings. He exchanged a total of 90 days to conclude several things in the world.

Sauron died for real this time but the One Ring remained. Xuan’s speculation turned out to be true. The three Elven rings also remained. A part of the elves left Middle Earth due to the prophecy but the majority stayed. The age of the Elves ended in the original plot at this point. However, it was not the case in this altered timeline due to the existence of the Elven rings.

Zheng landed in Rivendell upon entering the world. The first people he met were Gandalf and Elrond. A long conversation followed between them. Zheng did not describe God’s realm in much details and the movie characters did not pursue this topic. They told him what happened to the various characters.

The only Hobbit who remained returned to his hometown. Aragorn knighted him for his contribution in the war and bestowed a piece of land to him. Aragorn naturally ascended the throne. Since Theoden died in the war, he was also helping the Queen of Rohan to manage the kingdom. Gimli and Legolas returned to their kingdoms. They became the heroes sang by the barbs and will be told in the histories of Middle Earth in the years to come.

The teams were the heroic mercenaries. Aragorn proposed to carve their portraits on the mountains outside Mordor as a remembrance.

“Sounds like remembering great persons that are dead… Don’t bother with it. It makes me feel something’s not quite right.” Zheng replied.

He was also moved. Knowing that these people who once fought together was the best news to him, even though they belong to different worlds, and there wouldn’t be another chance to fight together again.

Gandalf, being the White Wizard now, was extremely generous. He gave Zheng a hundred energy stones at once. Zheng estimated these were all equivalent to rank D and C energy stones. Gandalf then gave him a bag similar to their spatial bags. It had a smaller space, three cubic meters, but did not require any energy to use. So it was much more convenient.

Zheng parted with Gandalf and Elrond. He did not have to walk his way again as he did in the mission. He brought out the Sky Stick and headed to Lorien where Galadriel was at. The Sky Stick flew over the mountains and soon reached the golden forest. The elves were indeed here as Eldrond had said.

Zheng met with Galadriel. She did not attempt to look into his mind like before. She thanked him and told him to pass the words to Xuan, that the One Ring should leave Middle Earth forever, the Elven rings were more than enough. If it returned, it might bring back Sauron.

(I think… Xuan never considered giving the ring back to you. And the ring is on my hand.) Zheng smiled in agreement. He knew Xuan too well, intelligent and devilish. How could anyone expect to take from him what had reached his hands? The probability of that happening was zero.

Zheng brought out the medicines and ornaments which received cries of surprises from the elves. This world had magic but its technological level was low. Many diseases did not have the appropriate treatments. The medicines were as valuable as mithril. These medicines from God were of high quality and Zheng brought in a lot. He brought the ornaments as a gift rather than as a currency to trade. Elves love delicacy and beauty which the ornaments fit the bill. However, he underestimated the impact of the ornaments. The elves and even Galadriel praised them so much that she ordered the elves to bring Zheng 3000 energy stones. This shocked Zheng in return. The energy stones were lesser quality than the ones from Gandalf but they were still equivalent to rank D energy stones. So many energy stones would cover all their uses in the future. He had no abilities that required energy stones so they would be spent on rune word formations.

Both parties were contend with the deal. Afterward, Zheng flew to Gondor and met with Aragorn again. He spent a thousand energy stones and the remaining medicines to hire farmers to excavate the fallen wizard tower.

Aragorn called five thousand farmers but the lack of technology in this world meant it would take seven to nine months to excavate the tower than sunk two hundred meters into the ground. When they excavated Hamuptra, there were technology and explosives while in Middle Earth everything had to be done by digging.

The energy stones alone were a big surprise for Zheng. He didn’t expect too much in just once trip. The most important mission was the time he obtained to refine his Qi.

Gimli came to Isengard to visit him after words spread. And then he trained in peace while Aragorn took care of all the matters. The days were rather relaxing to Zheng.

Qi refinement was a dangerous process since this was not God’s dimension. There was no heal if the Qi exploded and might even be fatal. Zheng had to enter the fourth stage and use infinitesimal control each time he refined Qi. And so it took him days to refine a little bit. Refined Qi also could not be stored in the mithril rings so he had to store them in his body. He placed it among his Qi. Refined Qi was unique in that it only absorbed other energies but never reacted. Sometimes, Zheng was curious at what would come from refining Blood Energy. He did not have the courage to attempt though. Qi was a gentle energy and it still exploded upon failure. Failure from refining Blood Energy might be the end of his life.

Time passed quickly and the end of the ninety days had come. Zheng left Isengard and returned to Rivendell, where he had to be to return to God’s dimension.

“Then… it’s time for the next movie, Transformers!”

Zheng’s departure and return happened in an instant to the rest of the team. He disappeared then reappeared in the blink of an eye. Only the details on his body changed, such as his clothes and expression.

“Haha. Super yields from this trip.” He laughed out loud as soon as he came back. The others remained in the same postures as when he left. Everyone was giving him weird looks.

“… There anything on my body?” Zheng stopped laughed and asked awkwardly.

“No, nothing major… It’s just weird. Imagine someone very seriously told you he’s going to train for some time at another place. You just saw him off at the airport and the next second he jumped off the plane laughing and yelling super yields from the trip.” HongLu pinched the hair in front of his forehead and laughed.

“It does sound weird.”

Everyone was pleasantly surprised when Zheng brought out the big bag of energy stones. They all knew Zheng traded a rune word formation that increased recovery rate from the other teams. So many energy stones would allow them to use the formation without any worry.

After the excitement, the team began their preparations for the next movie. They could also relax a bit in the remaining six days. Everyone had a lot of points left so they could choose what to do with the points, having a vacation in another world or spent time in their basements. Zheng did not have the mood for much recreation as he was the leader. He spent most of his time readjusting himself when he was not accompanying Lori. There was not much leisure time for him when there were the fourth stage, the refined Qi, the eight flags, and the dangerous Tiger’s Soul to deal with.

The other members were quite free aside from a few individuals. The ex-soldiers, ChengXiao, Kampa, and WangXia, did not require as much training due to using sci-fi weapons. Furthermore, they were excellent soldiers to begin with. They had a fixed schedule for training and then spent their time relaxing.

HongLu, TengYi, and Gando were normal people back in the real world. Despite having the talents, they did not have the knowledge to properly train themselves. So they did as much as they could to improve upon what they were good at.

Since the team could not gift anymore ranked rewards, they only helped TengYi raise his physical stats and injected him with dragon blood and the prototype T virus. He did not have get any abilities or special enhancements. So everyday, he grabbed a Gatling gun and target practice.

Zero, YinKong and Heng belonged to the group that desired to grow with every bit of effort. They were all determined and trained day and night until they were injured. After a heal from God, they would dive into training again. The Mystic Eyes of Death Perception and YinKong and Heng’s new abilities needed the time and energy to practice.

Lan and Xuan belonged to neither of the three groups of people mentioned. Psyche force was beyond the team’s understanding. No one knew how to improve it. Lan was therefore forced to relax. As for Xuan… everyone knew he was doing his strange things but no one knew what they were.

Time slowly flowed. “Three days left…”

YinKong gazed at the ruined basement. The previous attack destroyed the place. Similar to the basement was her body, which was filled with wounds. She dragged herself to the stairs leading up, leaving a trail of blood behind. On a careful inspection, one of her arm was torn open from the center.

YinKong seemed as though she had no sense of pain. Only when her arm occasionally hit the wall did she frowned a little. She spent a lot of effort climbing to the first floor of her room. She pushed the door open then stopped on the platform. “Complete heal.” A beam shone down on her.

(This ability… is many times more powerful than The Shining Air Wave. No one can dodge it easily, whether it is Zheng’s clone or him… There will be no problem with this ability!)

YinKong let out a sigh of relief after the heal completed. She was determined and strong willed but her body was still that of humans. How could she really not feel any pain? She merely hid all the pain and weakness deep in her heart. She would only express her soft side when no one else was around.

“Let’s go back. Another movie is coming the day after tomorrow. There’s still a quarter left to the novel Terror Infinity… I can rest for a day and finish the novel.” She muttered to herself then lowered her head and walked back to her room.

It seemed to be an unwritten rule that the day before entering a movie was a rest day in order to avoid being exhausted after they entered. So this was the last day of their training. Everyone put in as much effort as they could.

Heng was training equally hard. He might be weak and feared close range combat and blood but he had the perseverance during training. His fingers, palms, and even elbows became injured everyday. Fortunately, God’s heals were extremely potent so that he wasn’t destroying his body with the intensity from practicing the newly learned Lightning Shot and 3-arrow explosive shot.

Heng lay on the ground and breathed heavily. The silver bow lay near him. He obtained 300 energy stones to use as arrows since Zheng brought back so many energy stones. Each rank D energy stones could form a hundred energy arrows when he placed it on the bow, turning his bow into a laser machine gun. Heng also discovered he could combine this technique with Lightning Shot.

He tried to raise his arm, yet his right arm was broken. The bones were completely fractured. The arm was ruin if he did not have a heal from God. However, the wound he paid to test his new ability was totally worth!

Heng took a deep breath as he gazed over the craters on the ground that covered an area of 1 kilometer. The power of this ability exceeded his expectation. It would definitely become the deciding factor of battle. He firmly believed it. Now the question was how to get up. His other arm was dislocated too.

While Heng was troubling over how to get up, the other team members were fighting their own battles. WangXia stood inside the basement with his eyes closed. He was holding a faintly glowing globe. An indefinite length of time passed. When he opened his eyes, it felt as though he was grasping onto something. He threw the thing off and then an explosion occurred fifty meters away. The explosion blasted a boulder several meters big. WangXia slapped his hands on the ground. A lively being moved underground toward another boulder. Their collision resulted in an explosion even bigger than the first one, blasting the boulder to pieces.

“Two times. I don’t have enough Yao energy. Can only use them twice… I will try again after the energy recovered. The tracking bomb with wings doesn’t seem bad. I will test it next.” WangXia returned to standing there without moving.

Kampa was exercising in bed with a certain blonde woman. Zero was holding a little girl and reading a fairy tale book. ChengXiao… also exercising in bed with a girl. Xuan’s room echoed with the sounds of machineries and gears. He was pressing buttons with a crazed look. Zheng was fishing in the basement with Lori. Lan was cooking in her room while humming a song. HongLu and the mature woman were…

The tenth day arrived before long. Team China came to the platform and soon the beams descended along with God’s voice.

“Enter the beam within thirty seconds. Target locked: Transformers. Teleportation begins.”